Optometric Medical Billing Solutions by opticXpress

Optometric Billing Solutions By opticXpress

Optometric  Billing Software by opticXpress
Optometric Billing Solutions By opticXpress
Optometry Medical Billing Software by opticXpress
Grow your bottom line by 10%-25%

Our optometric billing service is so good, EVERY one of our clients experiences growth in their first few months of being with us. Because we are so focused on making sure you are paid quickly and correctly, your collection rate will exceed the industry standard by 10%-25%. This means that just by being our client, your practice will collect more money and therefore will experience measurable growth even though you and your staff are doing less work than you have in the past.
Focus on patient healthcare without worrying about reimbursements

Opticxpress provides such great optometric billing solutions and services that you will be able to focus more than ever on patient healthcare while we focus on making sure you get paid for your valuable services.
Manage the health of your patients while
we manage the health of your practice.

OpticXpress combines the power of custom software, a clearing house and optometry billing services designed strictly for optometrists. These are all leveraged to ensure that your cash flow is at the healthiest level it's ever been which will cause your patients to be more satisfied as a result.
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Optometric Billing Services by opticXpress
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