Optometric Coding Software-By EyeCOR

Optometric Coding Software-By EyeCOR

optometric billing eyecor coding software
Optometric Medical Billing Software

EyeCOR Optometry Coding Software:

Code Your Exams Fully and Accurately 
For Increased Reimbursement & Compliance! 

  • Most optometrists do not code properly or fully. Are your exams compliant with current NCCI regulations? 
  • Most optometrists do not bill procedures that would have been reimbursed and are leaving money on the table. Are you one of these doctors?  
  • Most optometrists do properly complete interpretations and reports when and where required, leading to costly fines if audited. Are you aware of what procedures require these separate and important reports?
    EyeCOR optometric coding software has all the coding information you and your staff need to code properly and shows all the allowed reimbursable procedures for ALL diagnoses. EyeCOR also shows you all the diagnoses that support your procedures and instrumentation and notifies you of procedures that require interpretations and separate reports. 

EyeCOR is also continually updated and all the information is specific to your region and is included in your opticXpress service subscription. You may also purchase this ground-breaking software from us separately.

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